Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coffee on the go!


check out Keurig for more information

Keurig comes from the Dutch word for excellence. It is the leading single cup brewing system in North America. The Keurig coffee machine is ideal especially if you love to have different coffees. If you are on the go it is simple and easy to brew and take with you hot in less than 2 minutes. The different drinks that you can make in a Keurig machine are: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, apple cider, iced beverages. There are over 200 different varieties to choose from. You can also make your own K-Cups as well using your favorite coffee too. 

I would love to have one of these seeing as I am the only one that drinks coffee in my house. It would be so convenient and easy to pick and choose what I would like for the day and would save me tons of money rather then going to the coffee shops and buying a drink for $3 or more just for one cup. It also saves on gas driving to the coffeehouse as well. Especially if you have children it is easier just to have the convenience of being able to have that caffeine as soon as possible. 

Don't forget to check the Black Friday ads to get a great deal on a Keurig. They usually have AMAZING deals that you definitely don't want to pass up on. 

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