Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life is Short. So Stay Awake for It!

Life is Short. So Stay Awake for It!

Caribou Coffee is located in 16 US States and the District of Columbia, as well as several other countries outside the United States. The company believes that excellence is a product of hard work, and that life is too short for anything else. They accept only the highest-quality beans, and craft roast every batch to bring you the finest coffee.

This would definitely be my weakest link. I am always wanting coffee! Whenever I see Caribou I stop and get some amazingly delicious coffee. Right now my absolute favorite coffee is the Pumpkin Spice Latte. When it isn't the holidays I love their Peach Black Tea and the Turtle Mocha. It is out of this world! My friend works there and it makes it difficult not to stay for a while and chat and drink lots!

If you have one of these by you, you should definitely check them out if you haven't yet! 
If you don't have one by you, definitely order some coffee off of their website.


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