Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Disney Part 1

                                          Welcome Party to open Disney's Magic Kingdom

Recently, at the beginning of September for 6 days we went to Disney World. It was a beyond amazing trip that we were able to take with our kids (4.5 year old boy and 22 mo old girl). They were so enthralled with everything and meeting all their favorite characters or just being able to see them made them giddy. Their favorite characters to see were Queen Elsa, Ana, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. A month later and they are still talking about Disney and wanting to go back as soon as Tomorrow HAHAHAHA. It probably won't be a while before we can go back, but we will see.

We got to take advantage of the FREE DINING which includes: 2 quick service meals and 1 snack per night that you stay starting at 6 days/nights. I was hestitant at first thinking that it wouldn't be enough food for all 4 of us to eat on, but alas I was wrong. Each person except for babies gets 2 quick service and 1 snack which in all reality is MORE THAN enough food. A snack of mine 2 times was Starbucks and I could get a VENTI and it was covered! YAY! You also receive a refillable rapid mug for each person (again not babies) that you can put tea, coffee or pop in and they can be refilled at any Disney Resort for FREE. FREE dining does not come around very often, but when it does, IT'S AMAZING!

Our Hotel that we stayed at was Disney's Pop Century Resort. It is one of the value resorts that you can pick from. We liked it a lot and didn't have any issues at all with anything. The room was very clean when we got there and housekeeping did a good job for the time that we were there. The hotel had 3 pools on its property. The Hippy Dippy Pool was the one that had all the activity, contests, trivia, and a daily movie at 830pm. The pool that was by our room was the bowling pin pool. On property we had a good choice of food to pick from and a snack shack to pick from as well. There was a small gift shop that you could buy emergency things in that you may have forgotten or little gifts that you needed as well.

One of the best features about staying on Disney property was the Disney transportation that you got to use as well. It was so much easier than having to drive around everywhere and find parking because they took you right up front and you didn't have to do anything except fold up your stroller and get on!

Our Disney Travel Agent that we had was Crystal Rogers and she is AMAZING! You should check her out here --> Crystal and Friends Travel

Contact her if you need anything at all to start up your Disney Vacation! :)

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