Wednesday, October 8, 2014



I am OBSESSED with my FitBit. I absolutely love that you can track: steps, calories, weight, tracks sleep, alarms, food, water intake, miles. One of the features that keeps me going the most is that you can see how well your friends and family are doing too. You can cheer them, taunt them, and message them! FitBit also sends you a weekly report to tell you how you are doing and in the app you can see charts! On the FitBit on your wrist it tells you how many steps by lights, each light is 20% of your goal, and when you hit your goal is vibrates and flashes. One of the cooler features is that it tracks your sleep and tells your when you are restless and awake. I always thought I was a terrible sleeper, but I actually get more solid sleep than I thought. More like almost 8 hours a day! 

Accessories are available as well!

BEST Birthday Present!
FitBit App available in App Store

Highly Recommended.

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